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WordPress is one of the greatest platforms that people can use for their content – offering many intuitive plugins and features which allow for people to complete web design practices easily. Not only this but WordPress also features plenty of SEO capabilities – If you are serious about SEO and gaining better ranking, this is something which you should invest time and effort into.

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If you are a WordPress website/blog owner and don’t have a clue what we are talking about, do not worry. We are now going to provide some great SEO WordPress tips as provided by a professional SEO company in Lancashire. Here goes…

Top WordPress SEO Tips


Google Analytics: When you are looking to enhance your SEO and gain better rankings it is imperative that you use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is not only there so that you can track your website visitors but also so you can capture information regarding your website visitors. Google Analytics can show you where your traffic is coming from and doesn’t cost a penny to use, providing that you opt for the standard version.

SEO Plugins: One of the most outstanding things about WordPress is the vast variety of plugins that it offers – all designed to help people easily improve their websites. Take the keyword tools which WordPress offer for example, they really can help people and businesses gain a great insight, allowing for all to research keywords and discover information such as search volume and competition. This can help people determine the best keywords to use.

Meta Descriptions: If you want your content to work to the best of its ability you need to ensure that you take care of all your content – including your Meta descriptions. When people discover content through search engines they see a snippet of text below the link giving them an idea about what pages are about. Make sure you make these snippets unique to your page, informative and eye-catching. Also, make sure they contain your pages most relevant keywords.

Keywords in Images: Similar to Meta descriptions, you must also ensure that you put keywords and tags in the images which you upload, this will help your site’s rankings and make your pages easier to find. You should also name your image files using your keywords.

Internal Links: Internal links provide a great way to keep people on your website – Link to your other pages where relevant to keep people on your website and allow users to find what they are looking for more easily. Scatter internal links throughout your content and be sure not to put them all at the end of each page as users sometimes don’t get to the bottom of pages before deciding to leave.

Shareable Content: Your content must be shareable. You need to be putting out content which people want to show to their friends. If you have a short, dry blog post chances are that it won’t get shared – but if you put out interesting and informative blog posts people will want to share them.

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