Why You Need Classic Car Appraisal Southern Oregon

Appraisals on a classic car are essential so that you know what you’re getting into before you buy a car. If you own a classic car, they can also help you in a variety of ways. Classic car appraisal Southern Oregon is essential to help you be sure you’ve made a wise investment and to protect your investment.

First, a prior to loss appraisal can help you if your car gets in an accident. Sometimes insurance companies offer a settlement that is less than what you think your car is worth. It’s really hard to dispute the settlement amount, and it can take a long time to understand all of the ins and outs of the policy terms required in the process. An appraiser has the experience to understand how the insurance system works and to give you an accurate appraisal on your vehicle.

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Also, pre-purchase inspections can help you make sure that the car you purchase is in the condition you thought it was when you paid for it. If you’re not a car expert, and you don’t know what you’re looking for when you inspect a car before you purchase it, you should get a pre-purchase inspection. Also, a pre-purchase inspection can be a great investment if you live too far away to inspect the car yourself.

Additionally, custom car appraisals really should be appraised for a value that you and your insurance company can agree would be required to replace it. We document the details of your car with photos and make a list of the specific options and customizations that make it special. You get this all in one document so you can submit it to your insurance company, and you get a copy for yourself.

Finally, it’s important to mention that we also appraise other vehicles like motorcycles. If you have customized it in any way, from the engine to the polished aluminum and chrome plating, you need to have an appraisal that documents all of your customizations for the insurance company in case it is damaged.

We also can appraise boats or any watercraft you own, just like we do for land vehicles. So don’t neglect to get an appraisal on any vehicle you own or are thinking of purchasing.

Getting a classic car appraisal southern Oregon on any vehicle you own is essential to protect yourself from an unwise investment or to protect your investment in case of an accident. You don’t want to have to fight to get what your vehicle is worth from the insurance company. We are trained professionals with years of experience and are ready to help you get your appraisal done in an accurate and timely way.

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