We are Our Own General Electrical Contractor Seattle

When you are ready to install your electric vehicle charging station in your home or business, you don’t have to worry about us outsourcing the work we do to another electrical contractor. We are our own general electrical contractor Seattle. From start to finish, we do the work ourselves, leaving you with the peace of mind that the job is getting done right.

One benefit to us being our own electric contractor is that we can be sure of the quality of work that is being done. There is no middleman between us and the installation work. We know that any circuit breaker panel replacement that needs to get done is done well and safely. We oversee all aspects of the work, so we are in charge of the quality in all aspects of the work.

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Here’s another advantage: you don’t pay a marked-up price for us subbing out our work to an electrical contractor whose reputation you don’t know. You’re making a significant investment in your home or business by installing an electric vehicle charging station as it is, so we want you to get the best price possible on the work and equipment.

Some of the electrical contractor work we do ourselves includes electrical panel replacement for safety or other reasons, upgrading electric service to allow for extra capacity, adding a sub panel to handle the electric vehicle charging station circuit, doing any corrective work that is required like grounding, and adding transformers and dedicated electric panels. Our workers are trained electricians and technicians, and they are experienced and professional every step of the way during the installation process.

An electric vehicle charging station is an important step in promoting environmental sustainability, and we are proud to work with you to make that step. We believe in what you’re doing: that’s why we do the work we do. Solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations make a doubly positive impact on the environment: they charge electric vehicles that don’t use unrenewable fuel, and they’re charged by power generated from a renewable resource, the sun.

When you’re ready to install an electric vehicle charging station, know that you’re working with the best. We are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated to providing the safest and smoothest installation (and any possible future repairs) possible. We are proud to be our own general electrical contractor Seattle. You save money and get the added benefit of knowing the job is done well from start to completion.

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