Three Ways to Help Your Clients Effectively Perform Cardio Workouts with a Treadmill

One of the most effective workouts you can do is to perform cardio on a treadmill. This is a workout that your clients can do on their own, and that will challenge them physically as they get closer to their fitness goals. To be successful at this type of workout, you need to make the training both enjoyable and challenging for your clients so they will want to perform this exercise on their own. Below are some techniques taught in the OriGym personal trainer courses that will show you how to help your clients effectively perform cardio workouts.

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Here are some ways to do cardio workouts on a treadmill more effectively:

  1. Set realistic expectations: Many people set high expectations and do a fast sprint on the treadmill. Because of this, clients feel that working out on a treadmill is too challenging for them. If you do it correctly, a treadmill can be an effective way to burn excess calories and fat, you just need to do it systematically. Make sure that your client’s body is being challenged, but not beyond its current ability. It is a good idea to start with brisk walk and light jog first to get them conditioned for more challenging exercises.
  2. Emulate the outdoors: When you are using a treadmill, think about running outside, such as in the park or running uphill. Some treadmill models can be inclined to simulate uphill running. In fact, the treadmill itself was designed as a simulation for an outdoor running experience. Be sure to pick a reasonable distance and inclination. There are many variations that you can choose to challenge your clients and, if you incorporate brisk walking, make sure to combine it with light jog as well to increase their heart rate.
  3. Do it progressively: When using a treadmill, you should make sure to push your clients. Doing so will elevate their heart rate and their body will pump more blood. For some people with sedentary lifestyle, walking briskly for one hour is taxing enough and this limit is different for every person. For clients in good physical condition, they can start by walking briskly and then jog lightly for five minutes, then followed by a couple minutes of running. Lower it back down to a light jog, brisk walking and then rest. After a couple of weeks of performing this pattern, they should be ready for a slightly challenging routine.

By using the above techniques, your clients should be able to perform cardio workouts more effectively with a treadmill. They can achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall cardiovascular health at the same time.

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