The Indian Tribal Arts: Can Crowdfunding Save Them?

Since its inception in 2009, over US $1.5 billion has been raised on Kickstarter for 80,000 projects towards artistic pursuits and causes alone. Today, the platform raises more funds for art projects than the National Endowment for the Arts, a government-run agency in USA. Indiegogo has seen a multitude of artist campaigners attract enough donors for their projects as well. Wishberry is an Indian crowdfunding platform specifically meant for the arts and sees many happy campaigners receive donations for their projects in films, comics, music, photography, publishing, and so on.

Artists around the world are all turning to crowdfunding to save their projects and create a name for themselves. Crowdfunding platforms have become the go-to option for thousands of causes around the world, owing to the limitless possibilities of the industry. Anyone with a passion can get help with funds to make a difference or to make a dream project a reality. Projects and endeavours by small and large artists around the world have taken flight successfully thanks to the countless crowdfunding platforms that support the arts. Like Kickstarter, Wishberry and Impact Guru are some Indian platforms that have seen campaigners raise funds successfully for their art projects.

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India has managed to retain many of the ancient tribal and folk art forms that make us what we’re known for – a land with rich and vibrant cultural heritage associated with tribes and rural communities. Trusts, nonprofits and associations that focus on preserving these art forms understand the importance of supporting the striking talents of tribal artists and strive to raise funds to encourage their efforts. However, their endeavours often go unnoticed on media and this is one the most common reasons for their lack of funding and the deterioration of these artists.

This is where crowdfunding can help; finding a voice and spreading the word is made easy through effective promotion on social media. The Adivasi Arts Trust created a successful fundraiser with JustGiving to promote the work of their tribal artists and storytellers. Before you start a fundraiser, make sure you choose an appropriate crowdfunding platform. We recommend you choose one that states that it actively supports the arts. Make sure to include an abundance of visual proof of your work and consider offering rewards (perhaps samples of your artisans’ work). Crowdfunding is a concept anyone can get the hang of. Moreover, thousands of first-time campaigners (some of whom are new to the internet as well) have successfully raised funds for various causes with the help of a compassionate crowdfunding platform. Start a fundraiser today.

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