Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing and Needs Repair

Unless you enjoy taking a cold shower, it’s essential to keep an eye on the operation of your water heater unit. There are several signs to look out for in your water heater that can help you know when to call for a water heater repair in Katy Houston and eventually avoid having a cold shower. They are;

Rusty Water
Rusty, cloudy or water carrying a metallic smell and taste coming from the hot side of your unit is a sign of the water heater tank interior is rusting. It is an early sign that the heater could start leaking at any time leading to severe damages thus should be looked at immediately. In case your heater is served by galvanized pipes, the rust might be coming from them, and the only way to ensure you avoid a leaky water heater unit or pipes bursting is to have a plumber check both.

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Strange Noises
Over the course of time, sediments build up at the bottom of the tank. These residues get harder with age due to conventional heating and reheating which produces a banging, rumbling, creaking or whining sound. The sound gets louder when the heating element comes into contact with the sediments which considerably lower a water heater’s efficiency and raises levels of energy needed to heat the water causing more wear and tear. If your unit has these unusual sounds, contact a plumber who will check your heater and decide whether to replace or drain and clean out sediments from the tank.

Temperature Problems
Temperature inconsistencies are signs of either major or minor problems that should be quickly addressed by a professional plumber.¬† When the water fails to heat rapidly enough or to the required temperatures, your unit’s thermostat might need to be adjusted or replaced, but if it’s in good condition, the tank may need flushing to get rid of mineral buildup that might be preventing the water from heating entirely. It may also be due to a broken dip tube that needs replacing.
Also, if the water fails to heat, the thermocouple may be broken and should be replaced for you to enjoy a hot shower again. It could also be due to the pilot light going out and should be lit for the unit to produce hot water.

Water Leaks
A leaking water heater unit is an obvious sign of a fracture which if left unrepaired lead to bigger cracks and flooding in the areas around. It could also be as a result of loose connections, fittings or fractured pipes leading to and from the unit.

Regular checks and inspections will help you get on top of your water heaters operation and prevent it from failing as well as help you know when to contact a plumber for any water heater repair in Katy. Routine maintenance will help maintain the standards of your water heating unit.


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