Removing dents without removing paints

The dents on your beautiful car are the last thing you want to have on the car. You want to remove these dents but the thought of getting original paint removed from the site of dents scares you and you leave the thought of removing the dents. The advancement of technology in the process of removal of dents has given relief to the owners of the car. Now, you can have the paintless dent repair services. This is the technology used where the dent is removed from the body of the car and the paint of the car remains intact.

What is dent repair without removing paint?

It is the process which is conducted by trained technicians to remove the small dents on the panel of the car. This process is conducted by the specialized tools which apply pressure from inside of the panel. This pressure removes the imperfection of the panel gently without removing the paint of the car. This process requires professionals to perform the act who have experience of years which is being converted into expertise giving the best services to the car and the owner.

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Years ahead of the old dent removal process

The old process of dent removal required a lot of equipments to remove the dent. Still, the dent was visible on the panel making all the efforts of the technicians and the owners go in vain. The time taken in the completion of the process was another disadvantage which the process had. The PDR process is more effective and takes less than an hour comparing to the weeks of time taken by the old process. Thus, it provides a win-win situation for the owner and the technicians. This process can be used to remove the dents caused by the small stones, hail damage, small creases and plastic dents. You have the original warranty given by the manufacturing company on the paint that it will remain intact.

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