Remember These 5 Things When You are Off to a Beach Vacation

It truly is the summer vacations that we all enjoy a lot. Especially, the ones at the beach. Are they not? But how about having summer vacations when the entire of north India is freezing in winters? Well, if you are surprised, don’t be. Goa is the answer! Enjoy the waves splashing around the shore, the cool sand and summer vibes at Goa, this winter. (Because of my favorite vacations, always include the beach!). Do make sure you check out discounts and offers before making your Goa hotels bookings.

It takes us years to realize the importance of enjoying in the moment. Often, while we are on vacation, we miss important things, forget facts and then ruin our day over unnecessary things. For instance, once I took a plunge into the sea with a face full of makeup, only to come out with a moment ruined by burning eyes and a clown-like look. I realized back then how ridiculous it was to spoil an amazing and peaceful life moment for a few, picture-perfect images. Also, I realised slowly that most of us do the same. We all work too hard to not be on a ‘vacation’, when we are really on one. Eventually, my travelling bags became lighter as I started carrying only the essentials. To be honest, today I can go on a weekend trip, carrying only a single small backpack. And Goa on your list (probably), I enlist the 5 things you must absolutely remember when on a beach vacation.

  1. Make your accommodation bookings in advance

Trust me when I say it, Goa goes crazy in the tourist season. It is absolute chaos,and you would not want to miss out on precious time and amazing experiences only because you did not make the bookings in advance and are now tossing around, on the lookout for accommodation within your budget. Amidst the packing mania, do not forget your stay arrangements. Make your Goa hotels bookingsin advance,and you can also save some money. You can get a number of accommodation options in Goa, ranging from backpacker hostels to luxury hotels, beach shacks,and beach resorts. You can pick as per your choice and budget.

  1. Pack a sunblock and travel moisturizer

Instead of packing a complete load of beauty products that will probably be drained off your face within an hour at the beach (thanks to the high humidity in Goa), pack only a sunblock with high SPF and a moisturizer. If you want anything more, you may carry a face powder, lipstick,and blush for the clubs. Also, don’t skip the face cleanser as the traveling will make you really need one at the end of the day. A good moisturizer is perfect for your beach – mode, no – makeup days and will leave your skin radiant and glowing.

  1. Swimwear, swimwear and MORE swimwear

You can do some light shopping. You are going for a vacation, after all. But I’d suggest, you invest in a lot of swimwear. It is really a great experience, hitting the waters and swimming around to your heart’s content in the fresh splashing waves. Especially at the beaches of south Goa, where there is less of the crowd and more of the fun, you can flaunt your skin in pretty swimsuits. You will be spoilt for choice when you open your bag each day, before hitting the beach.

  1. Pack some amazing sandals!

In addition to whatever pair of footwear, you will be flying in, pack at least two to three pairs of beach-ready sandals. Flip flops are the best option. You can get a pair that matches almost every outfit,and you are good to go! If you can get away with just a single pair or two, your beach vacation just becomes so much better.

  1. Sunglasses,please!

Don’t miss out on the sunglasses. Trust me you will so want them, once you land in Goa, and you’ll thank me then!

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