Proper Protection Provides Peace of Mind…

Whether individuals are planning to invest in sliding doors for their residents or businesses, they want the security, privacy as well as stylishness current sliding door lock that provides the look as well as the security.

According to, steel locks were first introduced in 1896, since that time they have greatly evolved. These days, there are various types of fastener from hook latches to deadbolts.

Safety First

The top priority for any door hardware should be safety first; it is the first line of defense against intruders. To obtain the highest quality of protection depends on how the sliding door locks are manufactured. The online magazine, did tests on different locks and concluded; people cannot expect to receive the same level of protection from inferior designed components.

Professional companies create sliding door locks that are durable, fashionable, easy to handle and are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means people with disabilities are capable of opening and closing the sliding door locks without difficulties.

Many insurance companies give reductions to their clients when proper locks are in place. As the online magazine, reported, paying for a superior grade lock is less expensive than dealing with the deductible on an insurance claim in the event of a home invasion.

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Sliding Door Selections

U Lever Locking Set ADA –

Sliding Hook Latch ADA – Homeowners and businesses can expect a high degree of security with this sliding door lock. This hook-shaped latch makes it demanding for break-ins.

In the past, disabled people faced obstacles in attempting to enter or exit a building, but with this type of lock, disabled people can exert their independent.

Lever Handle Set With Deadbolt – Deadbolts have a reputation of adding another layer of defense against intruders. The lever hardware makes it easy to operate and fits comfortably for left or right-handed individuals.

Latch Mechanism…Mortise Key Cylinder and Thumbturn for Sliders – This lock makes it easy for home and business owners have control over their sliding doors, in which they are able to unlock it without using a key if desired.

This is a few of the choices for individuals requiring distinguished door hardware that can fit within their budget.

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