Prescription Drugs and Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drugs – What’s the Difference

Once you move out in the market or surf online, you will witness countless drugs that are made available to cure numerous diseases. The revolution made by online pharmacy has even added more to it. Today, in comparison to offline medicine purchase, people recommend an online purchase as it is more convenient and time-saving. Also with the online pharmacy, you can find multiple offers along with the proof of authenticity.

Canada Pharmacy Online stores are booming since a few years and will continue inthe near future. But there are two major terms that confuse most of the people looking for their medicines. These two words are Prescription Drugs and Over-the-Counter Drugs.

Prescription Drugs:

Prescription Drugs as the name suggests is the list of medicines that are prescribed by the doctor on behalf of your health checkup and the problem encountered. Not every patient is given the same drugs as given to other patients. Even the patients with the same disease are prescribed different medicines depending upon their current stage and the necessity. Here are the traits of Prescription Drugs:

  • Prescribed By Doctor Only: The entire list of prescription drugs is what your doctor has recommended you against your medical illness.
  • Only Available at Pharmacy: These medicines will never be available at any unauthorized store. Instead, they will only be available at a certified pharmacy.
  • Prescribed for Single Person Only: This is the most important trait of Prescription Drugs. In the case of prescription drugs, it is only used by a single person. Only the patient is allowed to take the medicine to cure the disease. These drugs are never allowed for sharing among different peoples.
  • Regulated by FDA: All the drugs prescribed by a doctor is completely authorized and regulated by the FDA. If in case you find any fake medicine, you should skip that drug and find an alternative.

 Over the Counter Drugs:

Now, on contrary to Prescription Drugs, the Over the Counter Drugs doesn’t require any prescription for the doctor. Instead, you can easily buy them from the stores. Here are the traits of OTC Drugs:

  • No Prescription Required: To buy such drugs, you are free to reach a local store and purchase them without showing any prescription. No question will rise if you purchase these medicines and consume them without sharing your health issue.
  • Regulated by FDA (OTC Drug Monographs): Similar to prescription drugs, these drugs are also regulated by the FDA, but they are added to the OTC Drug Monographs. The OTC monographs are similar to a recipe book that includes the ingredients, their composition, and some other important labeling.

Final Verdict: There is not a heavy difference between these two terms. But before buying any medicine, you should be aware of distinguishing between them. Whenever you encounter any health issue, its recommend to visit a doctor instead of searching for any OTC drugs and try from your own. A doctor will better diagnose your problem and help you find the right medication.

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