Maritime Lawyers: Do You Need One?

About Maritime Lawyers: Do You Need One?

Someone who specializes in the branch of law which deals specifically with the maritime industry is a maritime lawyer. He or she should be well versed in cases of compensation claims for ship collision accidents, compensation for injured seamen and other little details that have to do with what happens on the seas and oceans. The Houston maritime lawyers break down steps that you should take if you have been involved in a maritime accident.

Duties of a maritime lawyer

When sea travel became a norm around the 17th and 18th century, the maritime law also came into existence and has been in operation ever since. Maritime law has developed to be encompassing as every nation is different and a maritime lawyer must be up to date with this. He or she must know every aspect of the maritime law of major and minor nations alike.

Since the laws of every nation can vary, a maritime lawyer needs to be aware of them to defend seamen who might breach the law unknowingly. Such a lawyer must be certain about core problems and specifications in every situation to handle controversial cases. An area like the Jones Act, which deals with cases of seamen who are injured or killed in the line of work, should be well known by a Houston maritime lawyer and other maritime lawyers down to all specifications.

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When you need a maritime lawyer

There are some very common cases in which a person will need to seek the services of a maritime lawyer, and such cases include

  • When your boat hits the dock
  • When someone crashes into your boat
  • When your boat crashes into someone else’s boat
  • When someone else’s boat vandalizes your dock
  • When you injure or are injured by someone else on an open water crash
  • When your marine vessel spills waste and pollutes the water

All actions on your marine vessel might not be under admiralty jurisdiction, but any attorney can help you confirm if a maritime law applies to your case or not.

What to expect when working with a maritime lawyer

If you were at fault in causing any damage on water, a Houston maritime lawyer could help you easily come to a settlement or help reduce the damage payment you have to make. If you have been injured in an accident on water and it was not your fault, a maritime lawyer can help get you a handsome settlement for your suffering.

Agreeing on a settlement between yourself and the person at fault is possible out of court, and you can do this under the advisement and guidance of a maritime lawyer. The case can also be judged in a court of law if there is a disagreement about who is really at fault.

Because of their extensive knowledge of the laws of water and their experience with such cases, a Houston maritime lawyer is a strong asset in dealing with such cases.

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