Large Wedding Refrigeration Logistics

Almost every aspect of a wedding is meticulously planned by the bride and groom but one area that they won’t consider is whether the wedding venue has adequate refrigeration and freezer space to accommodate their event and any others which are taking place at the same time.

For example, in a hotel or restaurant the on-site fridges and freezers may be commandeered for everyday business use but events catering must still adhere to food laws so when your establishment becomes busy, please ensure that you have additional, hygienic, cost effective solutions in place.

A gift of food poisoning is never on the wish list for a wedding party.

Mobile refrigeration hire couldn’t be simpler to arrange. Find a service provider with excellent reviews, experience and a full understanding of food hygiene regulations and then call them. A few minutes spent online should reveal who to trust with your wedding walk in freezers and walk in cold rooms and their fees, which should always be competitive.

The respected Icecool Trailers is based in Newbury and serves Berkshire, Hampshire, the Home Counties, London, the Midlands, Thames Valley and South Wales. Their attention to detail and top-quality resources has earned them stellar reviews from hotel clients to health trusts. Don’t choose the closest service provider if they don’t seem to offer facilities which will enhance your business operations, even if they’re the best priced.

Walk in cold rooms and freezers are available in various sizes and capacities and are often constructed on site so that wherever they are needed, maybe in a corridor between two function rooms, adjacent to the kitchen, behind a bar in a suite, there are no concerns about whether facilities will fit through the door.

If you prefer mobile refrigeration hire the fridge trailers are on wheels so they can be relocated throughout the hire period. That’s immeasurably helpful for waiting staff because it will save exertion running from one side of the building to the other, between function rooms and from the kitchens to the wedding and reception spaces.

Weddings demand exceptional service; no one books a venue for an average experience, therefore, rather than considering additional mobile refrigeration hire as a loss of profit, think of it as a logistical solution that ensures food is in the best condition, represents the company and venue well and could lead to referral and repeat business, simply because you’ve taken time to deliver perfection.

Walk in cold rooms and walk in freezers are arguably also insurance against emergency situations during a peak time which could disrupt organisation and productivity. When on-site facilities break down, call a mobile refrigeration hire company who guarantees swift delivery of resources which minimises stress and waste for you and your team.  Not every hire firm offers 24/7 services so do your research or you may incur the wrath of Bridezilla!

Weddings are tricky enough to get right so why make life more difficult than it needs to be? Mobile refrigeration hire for weddings makes logistics easier and brings peace of mind.

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