Interesting information about RESNET Certification

The Residential Energy Services Network is an organization that provides certification for professionals to do energy inspections and ratings for homes. RESNET accredits different companies to provide training and to give certification exams to professionals who want to work as Home Energy Survey Professionals, also known as HERS Raters. RESNET certification is important to have in the energy audit and home improvement industry.

With a RESNET certification, you are recognized as having the qualifications that meet RESNET standards for the building energy certification industry. These standards are accepted by many organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

With a RESNET certification, you have the credibility to successfully work in the energy audit and home improvement industry. Your clients will want you to have a RESNET certification as well because government incentives that they may be eligible for are dependent on your having RESNET certification.

If you need professional development credits, you can get the PD credits you need with our RESNET-approved online courses. These are available to you whenever you want to take them. You can access the courses from anywhere you have Internet access, which includes your mobile phone. Every three years, you need to earn 18 PD credits, so make sure that you take advantage of our convenient online learning opportunities to earn them.

If it’s your first time to seek RESNET certification, be aware that it is for those working in both the new home construction and the existing home retrofit markets. With our RESNET HERS Rater Training, you’ll learn what you need to know to become a RESNET Home Energy Rater. This includes how to do home energy ratings, how to work with home builders and architects to create energy efficient homes, and to give suggestions and analyses for your clients to save energy and money.

Other courses we offer include the ENERGY STAR Version 3 Training and Exam, the RESNET Combustion Safety and Work Scope Training and Exam, the RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional course, and the RESNET EnergySmart Contractor course.

RESNET certification is a great way to improve your credibility in this field, so take advantage of our convenient learning options today!

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