How to play rummy through the App

The gaming industry has seen a profound shift in the last 5 years or so. With newer and faster smartphones hitting the market, mobile gaming apps are becoming the norm, in comparison to consoles and laptop based games. This trend is not expected to slow down any time soon either. Game popularity varies from market to another and the current rage in India is Rummy. And rummy lovers can’t seem to get enough of their favorite game either. If you are interested in starting, there are a few things you can do before downloading to play the rummy app.

Playing rummy on an app

The sheer number of websites offering rummy play apps is staggering. The first thing to do is to research rummy game sites and pick the one that feels right. After that, you can download the APK and app and start playing. Playing with the rummy app is just like playing a normal game except that your opponents are somewhere else. The rules of the game don’t change and here is how to play, even on a mobile app.

How to play:

  • of cards in a pack: 52 (jokers may or may not be used)
  • Card Rank: The order of the cards is as follows – K Q J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, deuce and ace. The cards with figures garner 10 points and the others are at face value.
  • Goal of the game: Each player will use the cards they are dealt to make sequences/combinations of at least 3 cards or more to get 100 points and win the game. This has to be done as fast as possible to beat other players.
  • Dealing: The deck is either spread out on the table or cards are dealt to each person participating. The person who gets to make the sequence first wins. After dealing, the remaining portion of the deck is placed in the middle of the table and players can take new cards to make sequences and discard what they don’t need. At any one time, players get about 10 cards. The person who wins a hand, deals out cards to the other players.

The rules of the game don’t change even if you are playing on the rummy app. There are slight variances in rules based on the type of rummy being played.

Keeping score is easy as well – the algorithm powering the app will take care of it for you.  If a player is participating in multiple games, it is up to him to keep track and this is one area where strategy plays a key role. Patience and focus are key.


If you are serious about playing on a rummy app, make sure that you have a smartphone with good processing speed and a stable internet connection. Gaming sites and developers are working hard to cover all kinds of potential issues to make their apps the best.

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