Here is a list of some gluten-free flour

Most of the people today eat white flour or wheat flour. But unfortunately, none of these flours is good for your health. This is because these flours have a high amount of gluten in them and are also bleached. Gluten is a bit difficult to digest, and some people are allergic to gluten. Apart from this white as well as wheat flour also has some side effects.

What’s the good news?

There are some natural flours also present that not only taste good but are also greatly beneficial for your health. You can definitely replace these white and wheat flours with these natural flours. Some of the gluten-free flours include sprouted flour, oat flour, coconut flour, rice flour etc.

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List of some of the gluten-free flour

If you want to know about the list of the high protein flour for daily use then you can go through the list given below:

  • Coconut Flour

This kind of flour is an excellent replacement for both kinds of wheat as well as white flour. It is very rich in fibre. It also has a very healthy fat content. If you want to go on a low carb diet or want to try a vegan or paleo diet, then coconut flour will certainly be a good option for you. If you have to attend a friend’s wedding and have to lose weight fast, then you can definitely opt for this flour.

  • Sprouted Flour

This is another type of flour that is free of gluten. This is a flour that is made up of yellow corn. If you want to make cornbread at home, then this is the flour that you should be using. In order to sprout you have to take a bit of grain and soak it for about 12-48 hours. This kills the phytic acid that is there in the flour.

  • Oat Flour

Most people are not very sure about whether oat flour is free of gluten. But if you buy natural flour then it will definitely be free from gluten.

These kind of flours are easily available in the market. If you really want a rich and a healthy diet then using one of this kind of flours will definitely be the best choice.

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