Great Scientific Benefits Of Owning A Cat

There have been many studies that showed how being a pet owner can change your life for the better, and this particular article focuses on those who want to become a cat owner. No matter which pet you get, you need to be prepared to take proper care of them, so visit a cat hospital near you like Gordon Vet Hospital if there are any issues.

  1. Cats are better for the environment

No matter how silly this might sound to you, it was proven that cats leave a better carbon footprint than most pets. For example, there was a study that proved that the resources you will need to keep your dog happy and healthy over his life, will create the same eco-footprint that you will get with a Land Cruiser, while cats have a small door carbon footprint.

Cats also help with the pest control

  1. Helping you on n an emotional level

While owning a cat is great for the environment it is also a good thing for you. Losing a loved one, like a part of the family, can be very painful and hard to get over. However, our furry friends are here to help us cope better, as cats have shown to be able to help people get over their loss and help their owners not have and show less physical symptoms of depression.

  1. Are cat owners smarter?

In the UK, there was a survey that about 600 college students had to take. About half of them were cat owners while the other half had a dog. The end of the results conducted that the college students that had a cat in their life were more intelligent as well.

If you simply get a cat does not mean that you will automatically be smarter, but people who have a higher intelligence level tend to get cats in the first place. If you do get a pet, make sure to contact friendly Ku Ring Gai vet like Gordon Vet Hospital if any issues arise.

  1. Healthier heart

We all know that dogs help us have a healthier and more active life with a healthier heart, but cats are not far from that. Owning any pet is actually good for your health and especially cats, which can lower your stress levels, and the amount of anxiety in your life. They help you relax, as you are 30% less likely to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke, according to another study.

Your cat will help you on an emotional level as well

  1. Great companions

There is a stereotype that states that dogs offer a much better companionship and affection than cats, but that is not true. In reality, cats can be just as good of companions as any other animal, especially for women. In 2003, a study proved that having a cat in the house is in the same emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner.

  1. Better sleep

Many studies have proven that cats, and pets overall, offer a much better sleeping habit than if you’d sleep with your significant other. In fact, a pool in the UK proved that many people in a relationship would rather sleep with their cat than their partner.

Final word

There was even one cat that had received the highest medal available for the animals in the military, as he continued to do his duty despite being injured on a ship while providing the moral support to the soldiers. Owning a cat or any other pet will surely have a positive impact on your life.

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