Esiclene And the Side Effects – Do They Outweigh the Benefits

Esiclene, also known as formebolone is a useful anabolic androgenic steroid consumed by many athletes and body builders around the globe. It is known for improving the athletic performance and muscle mass gain within few weeks of usage. Unlike other drugs available in the market, it is a strong physique enhancer supplement. Regular consumption of the steroid will provide an aesthetic appearance to the athletes.

Not many athletes consider this as an impressive way to build the muscle mass. It is usually used prior to a weightlifting competition for extra strength. However, it is not often used as a bulking or cutting steroid. The steroid was injected in the children to treat growth deficiencies.

The best part about the supplement is it has little or no androgenic properties. This means that it does not let conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Besides this, it is so mild that it causes little muscle growth. Esiclene has muscle building effects and this is one of the crucial reason why it is preferred in competitions.

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Areas where the supplement is used

Besides being used in the human athletic competitions, it is a common steroid for horse racing scenarios. In many countries like US, it is used as a controlled supplement. However, the drug is not that popular due to the introduction of other easier to obtain steroids. Many athletes prefer oral pills and gels rather than injections.

What are the potential side effects of these supplements?

Before consuming the supplement, you must be aware of its side effects. As it does not have androgenic effect, it could be toxic to the liver. Due to this reason it is only used in the bodybuilding scenarios. The supplement is injected into player’s body to provide a localised swelling. This provides the user an edge during competitions. This inflammation or swelling easily lasts for several days.

All the bodybuilders do not respond to the injection in the same manner. Some of them might respond to such strain in a negative manner. As a result, it might lead to lingering damage to the nerves found beneath the muscle fibres.

This is one of the primary reasons why bodybuilders hesitate before using the supplement. Hence, the doctors recommend to approach this drug with caution. For some users, the potential side effects outweigh temporary benefits. You must study all the factors and scenarios before consuming the supplement.

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