Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

When you were younger and dreaming about your ideal wedding, the last thing that you would have to think about is how you would pay for it all.

If you are currently preparing a budget for your wedding and are looking for places to save some money, below are some great tips which can help!

Be Your Own Florist

One of the most expensive items on your wedding budget is likely to be your florist. Not the flowers, your florist. With the majority of the price going towards the product of your florist, reducing their costs of removing them entirely is a great place to begin.

Start by visiting your local flower market/warehouse early in the morning and speaking with the producers and the distributors about obtaining trade prices. Once you have these locked in, look online for different flower bouquet arrangements which you like and, the morning of your wedding, gather you bridesmaids and be your own florist for your wedding.


Of course, every bride wants to arrive in style, however this comes at a cost.  Instead of hiring a driver with a classic car, consider asking one of the groomsmen of even guest of the wedding to simply drive you to the wedding in a hire car! Once they have delivered you to the wedding they can simply return the car after the wedding on their way home. Not only does this reduce your car hire costs but also your driver hire costs, too!

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Coupons and Vouchers

If you currently use vouchers and coupons for your personal items then you can easily transfer this way of thinking to your wedding. For example, you can use a see’s candy coupon from Groupon Coupons to create gifts for your guests or even to complement your catering. Of course, you aren’t limited to just this idea. Coupons platforms such as Groupon are great places to start each time that you need to buy a big-ticket item.


If you have visited a few different photographers then you have likely noticed that a good photographer comes at a high cost. However, what if you had photographers on your guest list? Instead of hiring a professional photographer, place disposable/temporary cameras on each table and encourage your guests to take as many photos as possible during the course of your wedding.

As your guests leave, have them either leave the cameras on a table or take the camera home and develop the film for you!

The Right Venue

If you have been visiting venues then you have also likely noticed that these two aren’t cheap. However, if you ask about the prices you will often find that you can secure a great deal on your ideal location if you are happy to move the date of your wedding to one which is not a as popular.

While this may mean that you won’t get married on the day you always dreamed about it does mean that you will be able to use the venue that you have always wanted.

Nobody said that a wedding was a cheap affair however with the tips above you can keep the costs as low as possible.

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