Dogs Are Your Heart’s Best Friend

While dogs make great companions, and they are, of course, a man’s best friend, they are also considered your heart’s best friend. But, owning a dog is not all that simple, so if you have any issues or questions, contact or visit Gordon Vet Hospital at

Dogs can sense if you are feeling stressed

There have been a number of studies that have proven that dogs help their owners not by providing companionship, but also by improving their health overall. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the USA, and the main culprit behind that is inactivity and obesity. This is where your furry little friend steps in.

Everyone needs exercise

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise properly, maybe getting a dog will help you out. Dogs are very active animals, they love to run, walk and play, which is something that will surely encourage you to do the same. Having a simple 30-minute walk with your dog every day can improve your health a lot.

A report from the American Heart Association has shown that the people who own a dog have a much lower blood pressure, and they tend to be less prone to having physical effects of stress, have a better cholesterol profile, and are less prone to having a heart attack. Dogs have been known to help you control your blood pressure, which is something that can benefit everyone.

Less stress

If you have a job, or you lead a relatively stressful life, getting a dog will be something that can help you out. Dogs offer unconditional love, and they never judge their humans. They love to play, and make great distractions, not to mention that it was proven that just by petting a dog, you will feel more at ease, relaxed.

Kids and dogs

If you do plan on getting a dog, you might want to talk to a vet and visit a good Macquarie vet clinic like Gordon Vet Hospital. Another huge misconception is that dogs are not great for small children, and they can cause them health issues, which is completely bogus.

An everyday walk is something that promotes good health

Kids who grow up with a dog, have shown to have a much better immune system, and they are less likely to develop any allergies later in life. Pets, in general, are great for little children, but you should know which pet is good for your kids.

Anxiety and depression

Just like dogs are great for your heart, they are also here to provide comfort to those suffer from anxiety and depression. Kids and even adults can develop great social skills buy owning a dog, and they tend to feel less lonely or isolated.

Dogs are also great companions to those who have lost a loved one and are suffering from de[pression. They can also help the patients who have PTSD, along with other mental issues. Not to mention, that dogs can help you raise your kids the right way, teaching them about responsibility and empathy while providing all the necessary attention that your child needs.

Final word

While owning a dog does have its health benefits, there is no point in getting a dog if you do not intend to take proper care of your pet. They are not here to provide only the health benefits they make great companions, and they deserve the proper veterinary care. Make sure you are up for this task, otherwise do not get any pet at all.

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