Crowdfunding single-handedly: tips for a campaigner without a support system

Crowdfunding for a business or organization or school or nonprofit is not the same as crowdfunding for a personal cause. When you’re raising money for a personal cause, you’re on your own. This means your crowdfunding India campaign is going to be run single-handedly, which means there’s a lot of pressure to stand out, and put in all that you have, to draw in the attention of campaigners. Today we’re going to help out all those individual campaigners with some tips and tricks to get ahead of the game.

For starters, your crowdfunding India campaign should be a dynamic combination of empathetic storytelling, psychological impact, and social media influence.

Pay attention to your narrative

Your campaign story will be the most powerful element of your campaign that will determine how many supporters your gain. Everything about your narrative, right from your headline to your campaign story needs to be captivating and emotionally enticing. Hitting the empathy cords is what will pull donors towards your cause – be it a a medical treatment campaign or a campaign to fund your education, or travels. It’s all in the art of storytelling. And we know this because there are several campaign with amazing causes, but they still don’t raise the funds, because their campaign story is not persuading people to donate.

Tap into the inner circle

Your inner circle is your friends and family. Since your raising money for a personal cause, you don’t have any existing supporters, or people who associate with you or your initiative. It’s essentially like starting from scratch, and trying to build a network from square one. With personal campaigns, your friends and family are your best and most loyal supporters. You need to encourage then to share your campaign with their friends and family, and so on. As people who are close to you, they will surely make it a point to do so. Ask them to share your campaign link with their contact list, Whatsapp groups, Facebook friends, email, and most importantly, through word of mouth.

Create a video

Technology is a blessing to the crowdfunding world. People who see your campaign don’t know your personally – your intentions, your problems, your dreams. There’s only so much you can convey through text. SO what better way to enhance a powerful campaign story, than by creating a video where you talk about your problems, your cause, and you need for money. There’s no better way to convey emotions than through a video.

By implementing some of these tactics to your Impact Guru crowdfunding India campaign for a personal cause, you’re sure to have success.

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