Celebrating the birthday in a different way

Birthday celebration of a loved one is always a special time. You want to celebrate the occasion in a different way. You want to add some different spice to the celebrations. You can try something different and innovative in nature in the birthday celebration. You can visit different places to have a birthday party but select the one which offers the best deal for you.

Celebrate birthday party differently

Invite the guests to the birthday party to a different place than the normal restaurant which you use to book for the birthday parties and have conventional celebrations.

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Play the rescue game

  • Call them to join a rescue mission where you have to solve the mystery of finding the clues in the room and escape from the room.
  • Once the guest reaches the destination, then divide the guest into the group of six. You can select the game from the three games given to you by the crew members of the restaurant. This game is 45 minutes in which you have to solve the mystery given to you. You are locked in a room with clues scattered all over the room. All the six members locked in the room start searching for the clues. You have to work as a team to get the solution. If you get the solution it’s great. If not then the clue crew, which will try to put the team back on the right track. You will be having a mind-blowing, fulfilled 45 minutes in the room. You got the clues and you are out for the celebrations.
  • Party awaits you with pizza and soft drinks with other snacks enjoy the goodies with a complimentary photo session from the restaurant. You can come again with your discount coupons given by the restaurant people.
  • You can enjoy another entertaining 45 minutes with your friends and colleagues.

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