17 Nov

India Goes to Banks: Millions stand in long queues

People queue up outside at ATM to withdraw money in New Delhi on 14,November,2016.Photo by K Asif/Mail Today.

People queue up outside at ATM to withdraw money in New Delhi on 14,November,2016.

People queue up outside at ATM to withdraw money in New Delhi on 14,November,2016.Photo by K Asif/Mail Today.

Thousands of people lined up outside banks and ATMs across India on Tuesday, a day after a bank holiday left people stranded with no way to access cash or exchange money.

The queues in front of ATMs were longer as people feared the machines will run out of money soon, a week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the scrapping of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes to drain illegal cash from the economy.

“Why did they allow banks to stay shut when they know how people are struggling to even buy basic grocery items? How long are they going to take us for granted? I woke up at 4.30 am to rush to the ATM so as to avoid queues, but did not get cash anywhere,” Ankit Girdhar, a resident of south Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar, said.

In West Bengal and the Northeast, reports poured in that ATMs in many remote areas haven’t been restocked since November 9 — a day after the demonitisation scheme was announced.

“You can’t depend on ATMs as they are running out of money in no time. But when I came at 7:30 am I was standing in a queue behind more than 50 people,” said Ashish Poddar a school teacher in south Kolkata.

Many traders and middlemen in Assam and other parts of Northeast resorted to earning commission to exchange 500 and 1000 rupee notes with those of smaller denomination.The Assam Tribune reported that small traders in eastern Mizoram resorted to using paper coupons to trade due to scarcity of currency notes of lower denominations.

In Hyderabad, many travellers said bus operaters were accepting devalued currency but not returning the change. Other passengers said they had to go hungry for hours as they had no change to buy even snacks and tea Suryapet. “Our business has come down by 70 per cent,” lamented Laxman, the supplier at a roadside restaurant.

In Allahabad, ATMs evacuated of old notes are still being loaded with the 100, and 500 and 2000 . So, the ATMs are not expected to function smoothly for one more week, said a senior bank officer Ashwini Tewari.

This bank holiday has clearly hit the government’s plans to ease the currency flow: It will take time to load notes in ATMs on Tuesday morning and the government’s easing of restrictions on small businesses and certain rural sectors will add to the rush of people at bank counters.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley had assured people that banks would operate at full capacity on November 14 in states where Guru Nanak’s birthday is not a holiday. But in more than half of the states and union territories, Monday was a bank holiday. Banks were open in some states, including Gujarat, Tripura, Mizoram, Goa and Kerala.

A few state-run bank branches operated with skeletal staff on Monday, said a banker with the State Bank of India.

“Our bank branches are operational in 18 states to serve the customers uninterrupted after the demonetisation was announced,” an Axis Bank spokesperson told Hindustan Times.

In New Delhi, people who had planned to queue up outside ATMs early in the morning, had to return disappointed as shutters at many locations were down.

ATMs inside metro stations in the national capital also disappointed those who made a dash for cash early morning.

28 Sep

SAARC summit in Pakistan will have to be postponed, says India; Nepal urges for conducive environment


Delhi: India on Wednesday said that SAARC summit (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation) would have to be postponed since four nations had decided not to attend it in Islamabad in November.

MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup said, “SAARC summit will be postponed since four nations have decided to not attend it in Islamabad, there’s no other way. SAARC rule position is very clear. If any one head of state or government decides not to participate in summit, it has to be postponed.”

“However, a formal announcement can only be made by Nepal after they have done their internal consultation,” the MEA spokesperson added.

He further said, “Unfortunate that Pakistan continues to pursue the path that has led to this current decision. Our commitment to SAARC, to regional connectivity, to regional contact and prosperity remains intact. But we cannot conceive of SAARC summit happening when cross-border terrorism and cross-interference in our internal affairs continues,” as per ANI.

Nepal government urges for conducive environment

On the other hand, Nepal MoFA said today, “Nepal government urges that a conducive environment be created soon to ensure participation of all member states in 19th SAARC summit.”

“Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and India conveyed inability to participate in SAARC because of the current environment, we’ve taken it seriously,” it added.

Under the SAARC charter, the summit is automatically postponed or cancelled even if one member country skips the event.

Founded in 1985, SAARC currently has Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka as its members.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan join India in boycotting SAARC summit

Following the diplomatic blitzkrieg launched by New Delhi, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan joined India in boycotting the summit.

“Due to increased level of violence and fighting as a result of imposed terrorism on Afghanistan, President of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani with his responsibilities as the Commander in Chief will be fully engaged, and will not be able to attend the summit,” sources quoted Kabul as saying in a message to SAARC chair Nepal yesterday, as per IANS.

In a similar message to Nepal, Bangladesh said, “The growing interference in the internal affairs of Bangladesh by one country has created an environment which is not conducive to the successful hosting of the 19th SAARC summit in Islamabad in November 2016.”

“Bangladesh, as the initiator of the SAARC process, remains steadfast in its commitment to regional cooperation, connectivity and contacts but believes that these can only go forward in a more congenial atmosphere. In view of the above, Bangladesh is unable to participate in the proposed summit in Islamabad,” the message said.

In its message to Nepal, Bhutan, while reaffirming its strong commitment to the SAARC process and strengthening of regional cooperation, noted that “the concern of the Royal Government of Bhutan on the recent escalation of terrorism in the region, which has seriously compromised the environment for the successful holding of the 19th SAARC summit in Islamabad in November 2016”, it is learned.

“Further, the Royal Government of Bhutan shares the concerns of some of the member countries of SAARC on the deterioration of regional peace and security due to terrorism and joins them in conveying our inability to participate in the SAARC summit, under the current circumstances,” the message from Thimpu yesterday said.

Sri Lanka, it is learned, has said that the event would not be possible without India’s participation.

Pakistan’s reaction on SAARC summit

Meanwhile, Pakistan today hinted that the summit to be held in Islamabad could be postponed if India has refused to attend the regional gathering.

“As per SAARC rules the summit will not be held if any member-country refused to attend,” Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said, as per PTI.

Aziz said it was not the first time that India was not attending the regional summit and that it had earlier also caused the summit to be postponed four times.

Aziz said although it is possible to postpone the summit but the SAARC secretariat has not officially informed the government so far.

Regional cooperation and terror don’t go together: India

Yesterday night, India had decided not to attend the SAARC summit in Islamabad.

Citing continuous cross-border terrorism by Pakistan, the government had announced that “in the prevailing circumstances, India is unable to participate in the proposed summit in Islamabad.”

India had added, that “one country” had created an environment that is not conducive to the successful holding of the summit.

“India has conveyed to current SAARC Chair Nepal that increasing cross-border terrorist attacks in the region and growing interference in the internal affairs of Member States by one country have created an environment that is not conducive to the successful holding of the 19th SAARC summit in Islamabad in November 2016,” External Affairs Ministry had said in a statement.

28 Sep

OnePlus X finally gets Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update starting today


Earlier today we brought you news that the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the OnePlus X was almost ready for primetime, and it would land next week. Well, the Chinese company has decided to best that promise (if not by much) and has released the over-the-air update today.

As usual with OnePlus OTA rollouts however, it will take several weeks for all devices to receive the notification, it being an incremental distribution and all. The good news is that it’s finally on the way, almost one full year after Google made Marshmallow official.

The new Android build arrives as part of OxygenOS 3.1.2, which you can update to directly if your OnePlus X is currently running versions 2.2.3, 3.1.0, or 3.1.1. Aside from the new Android base, this release also has new icon packs for the launcher, Google search bar UI customization, a new design for the wallpaper picker, and new settings for the Alert Slider. In Shelf, you can long press boards to rearrange or remove, and two new built-in apps will show up – OnePlus Music Player and OnePlus Gallery.

As you’d expect, some unnamed bug fixes and general system performance improvements have been baked in too, alongside the October security patches. There is even a known issue to keep in mind: for the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps, you need to go and manually grant them permission to access storage, or they will crash while using the phone’s camera.

28 Sep

Chikungunya and Dengue: What you must know about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment


As the death toll from chikungunya mounts to 7 in the national capital, the Delhi government and the centre have been trading blame. More than 1,057 cases of chikungunya and 1,158 cases of dengue were reported in the national capital till September 10, the month when vector-borne diseases start to peak.

Here’s a guide to the two diseases, their symptoms and treatments:


It is a viral infection spread by the bite of the aedes aegypti mosquito. The last chikungunya outbreak in India was in 2006, when more than 1,500,000 cases were reported resulting in several deaths.

The word ‘chikungunya’ means ‘to become contorted’ in Kimakonde, a language spoken in parts of Tanzania and Mozambique, which refers to the contorted walk of infected persons who develop severe joint pain.
Symptoms appear between 4 and 7 days after being bitten by the infected mosquito.
Symptoms include high fever (102-104°F), joint swelling and pain (lower back, ankle, knees, wrists or fingers), rash, headache, nausea and fatigue.
The fever lasts for two to three days but the virus remains in the human body for up to a week. Mosquitoes biting a sick person during this period can spread disease to others around them.
Chikungunya rarely kills, and most deaths occur in older people with existing diseases.
Chikungunya can be detected using serological tests which will look for antibodies in your blood.
Unlike chikungunya, recovery from an infection will give life-long immunity.


The price of the confirmatory RT-PCR (Reverse Transcryptase–Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is capped at R 1,500 at public and private labs by Delhi government.

Red flags

You need emergency hospital admission if :

You are over 60 years old with uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, etc
Develop blurry vision
Have persistent vomiting, nausea
Difficulty breathing
Develop drowsiness, hallucinations, delirium


Chikungunya has no cure, people are treated for pain and fever.


Dengue is a viral infection spread by the bite of the aedes aegypti mosquito and does not spread directly from person to person

The symptoms start within five to six days after you’re bitten by an infected mosquito.
Fever lasts for seven to 10 days.
Symptoms include high fever (
Most people recover in a week to 10 days by taking paracetamol for fever and pain and drinking lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.


If you suspect you have dengue, you need to get two tests done.

Confirmatory test: Get the NS1 Elisa-based antigen test done after th

ree days of developing fever with symptoms of body ache, headache or nausea. The price is capped at R 650 by Delhi government.

Platelets count: Platelets help the blood clot and stop bleeding. Very low levels – the normal range is between 150,000 and 450,000 platelets per microlitre of blood – lead to internal bleeding and shock, which results in death from multi-organ failure. The cost is capped at R 50.

Less than 150,000: Get platelet count done once in two days

Less than 100,000: Platelet count must be done once a day

Less than 60,000: Platelet count should be done twice a day. Also a daily test is needed if the rate of drop is 50% or more within 224 hours.

Less than 30,000 or if you’re bleeding: It’s a medical emergency, you need hospital admission.

Less than 10,000: Blood transfusion may be needed.

Dengue Red flags

You need emergency hospital admission if you have:

Platelets count less than 30,000.
Bleeding from the gums, nose, ears or blood in the stool or urine.
Severe abdominal pain.
Persistent vomiting.
Difficulty breathing
Rash, read spots on abdomen, arms


Dengue has no cure, the fever and pain is treated with paracetamol. Don’t use aspirin as it may aggravate bleeding.
Sanofi’s Dengvaxia vaccine against all four dengue strains available globally, but is awaiting regulatory approval in India.
Platelet transfusion may be needed if platelets fall below 10,000 platelets per microlitre of blood.

Protecting yourselffrom dengue and chikungunya

Wear clothes that cover your arms and legs.
Use mosquito repellent sprays, creams, coils, mats or liquids to drive away mosquitoes and use screens on doors and windows.
Wear loose clothes that cover your arms and legs.
Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that spreads dengue infection, breeds in clean, fresh water in vases, tanks, birdbaths, fountains, old tyres, containers, potholes etc. Prevent mosquito breeding by drying out all containers at least once a week.
Source: World Health Organisation, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare



© Provided by Hindustan Times

28 Sep

Five tax things that will help you ensure financial freedom


1. Invest according to your goals and not just to save tax

One of the most important points when it comes to taxation is that there are several tax deductions that are available for individual when they invest in specific instruments. One of the most popular routes is the benefit of a deduction under Section 80C. Here investment in specified instruments like Employees Provident Fund, Public Provident Fund, National Savings Certificates, Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, Equity Linked Savings Scheme, Life Insurance premium etc is eligible for a deduction upto Rs 1.5 lakh a year. This is a golden opportunity for an individual to plan their goals and then ensure that the amounts are invested that would achieve the goals and at the same time save tax. Often this angle of combining goals and tax savings investment is missed out. People do not invest according to their goals which leads to a position where they struggle to complete the tax requirements and at the same time their goals remain unmet. This is something that needs to be avoided so that one investment can yield multiple benefits.

2. Boost for retirement planning
The biggest financial goal for every individual is to plan for their retirement and this requires a huge sum of money. It often takes decades to plan and invest for retirement and the challenge on this front is big. A little bit of attention to the tax aspect can ensure that there is little to worry about on this front too. There are instruments like the Public Provident Fund and the Employees Provident Fund which provide double benefits. On one hand the amount invested gives a deduction from the taxable income to the individual under Section 80C but even greater is the benefit that is received on the payout. The amount earned on these schemes as interest is tax free so this reduces a huge burden when this is earned or when this is received. This can help in ensuring that the goal of retirement planning is tackled and freedom from this tension is achieved for an individual.

3. Medical expenses taken care of
Protection of the family of an individual is a big part of the entire financial planning process. This is the reason why medical insurance is a must for every individual so that any medical expenses do not prove to be a financial burden that can devastate the finances of the individual. A look at the tax aspect can once again provide double benefits as the premium paid on medical insurance policies upto Rs 25,000 for individuals upto 60 years and Rs 30,000 for those above 60 years is available as a deduction under Section 80D. At the same time even preventive check up costs upto Rs 5,000 are covered. This should encourage people to get freedom from the worry of medical expenses as well as get a tax benefit in the process.

4. Powering education
Most parents are worried about the education of their children due to the high cost involved. This is an area that provides for an improved career and earnings prospect in life. There is however a large cost that can come for achieving as this has spiralled in the last few years this but some small tax steps can ease the situation for the individual. An education loan for the purpose of higher education will ensure that the financial aspect of the process is met but at the same time it will also give a tax benefit to the individual when the loan is repaid. The interest that is paid on the loan will be allowed as a deduction for 8 years. This will also remove worries about meeting the high education costs and making it affordable.

5. Wealth creation
Equity is the best asset class that can help in the process of wealth creation and this benefit can be multiplied by also ensuring that the tax benefits are taken with it. Equity oriented investments like shares and equity oriented mutual funds have double benefits as the dividends are tax free and at the same time long term capital gains is charged at zero per cent rate which also makes the gains tax free. This can be used for the necessary asset allocation and the tax benefit will ensure that the goal of wealth creation takes place without taxes eating into the effort leading to another area that provides financial freedom.

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картинка бабля порно фото пожилиє порно фото юных целочек анальчик секс фото девок спящих пизды для фото игрушки секс молодуху нагнули фото мастурбация анала пальцами фото частное порно лезбиянок фото молодых порно мама и сын фото смотреть писиют интим фото женщины контакте в секс со стариками толстыми фото высокого голые шикарные разрешения фото снегурочки лицо фото боксера секс метисок фото фото сисек висячих у женщин за 30 лучшие эро фото с неграми фото лиц кончающих баб порно в подъезде фото голая секс у фото кіську фото открытые попы инструментами фото поп женщин ххх секс индианок фото смотреть фото большие груди соседками подсмотреные за фото порно фото девушек с жопами фото послушная рабыня результаты Арамиль vigrx порно зрелых баб секс фото большие члены полно фото город цхинвал фото домашнее фото зрелые в экстазе samsung vr игры сын в мaть eбeт пизду.фото скачать порно фото русских мамочек фото стриптиз анальной щелки школьница в физкультурной форме фото порно онлайн хорошее качество кастинг голая ёруити шихуин фото из блич большие длинные порно фото и члены груди порно мать и волосатые сын xxx лесби фото испанская пизда девченок фото бізнес порно фото леді обнаженные девки видео и фото фото голая в трусах и колготках 35 женщин до 29 лет только от голых фото лесюиянки порно фото фото оргии свадебные домашние фото чужых жен без трусов транссексуалка голие фото большие жопы бочком фото зрелые фото сыкухи порно фото хентай аниме ххх девах эмо фото эро обои статус 940 фото тара рид carolin heather фото как Билибино женщину хорошо удовлетворить частное домашнее фото мама теща с секс преподователем фото фото худенькие частное женщины xxx порнофото секс казахов фото женщин в бикини сперма секс трусеках в фото девушек 10 видио топ игр жопы девушки мир сэксуальные князь фото паскевич тесен порно фото попастых блондинок фотографии isis love сперма в носу фото китайские женщины порнофото потенция у мужчин народные средства Отрадный jessica robbin порно актриса фото голых фотографии страстных женщин зрелых актрис фото порно худых порно фото тесть с невесткой silvie delux фото мама лижет яйца папе при дочери фото крупным планом фото делано ники порно красоток ебли зрелых фото секс порно подрачивает фото порно частные трусики порнофото зрелых дам с описанием действий падает Вуктыл член влагалище во и порно фото мжм частное видео в чулках реальные фото фотоххх трансы хфм видео игры архив xxx фото скачать фото девушки беременные дающий порно порнофото ебут трансов бисексуалов и геев фото на 177 секретарша порнофото авто тайга фото порно фото мамак теток и женщин рот и жопу хочет секса одинокая фото мама удовлетворить сексе жену как Боготол в speman himalaya Гаджиево бабушки фото дедушки и секс блондинки трахаются в писю фото большиесиськи порнофото повна молоденька пизда сперми фото мега парнуха фото ебля очень старых баб фото фото публичный трах большие фото порно толстые фото ofis girls хорор игры видео диана порно узбекский видео финские красавицы порнофото телочку ебут фото картинки секс грудь оващи пизде в порно фото у машины порно фото голые фотомодели позируют на пляже видео глотка фото порно глубокая сочьние телечки порно фото фото жоп в клубах порево фото 80х голые молодые медсестры фото клитра огромных фото фото голых загорелых девушек по веб камере секси кошечки фото Самые интересные маршруты в россии багажник иж фото женские ореолы фото секс зрелыми с дамами фото анальный фото игрушка мужчин для порно секси дочки порно смотреть фото фото голые тетки bang bros девушек красивых фото обнаженных полненьких сеты порно фото проникновение в писю крупно в метро фото эротика фото красивых девушек с злёными глаза у в фото голой подъезда шубе гост 24737 статус анал-девушки сперма фото. дядя цилует фото титички дэйзи мари порно фото хронический снижение простатит потенции фото стариков молодыми с трах раком красивые фото модели запойчик фото фото bad beat имолодои рассказах фото тетка зрелые порно в порно фото супер задницы жены чюжие фото порно фото гиганские дойки игра на макс стил попки фото зрелих женщин девушек порнофото волосатых молодых порно в смотреть джинсах секс самоё фото лучшое фото в машине в чулках фото влагалищ в порно из фото эротические кемерово девушек какой размер члена Куйбышев фото порно картники ситра привела домой поцонв порно фото в Похвистнево условиях домашних пенис увеличить прототип игра ютуб фотоcеты эротика зрпелых фото женщин фото как транс трахает мужика вжопу девушки фото 18 писают порно фото сперма в роте фото девушек в телесных колготках большим с членом фото дед с парнем.эро первый раз фото секс.длиний ноги.фото женщины фото рисованные из архива Игра наша семья на андроид скачать фотографии попы пляжа фото с откровенные фото частное интим дома жена и муж 1990 порно фото московское годов член входит во влагалище качественное фото писи фото малышок секс в серых чулках фото белые колготки фото кухня лето фото секс стыдно смотреть фото Смотреть фильмы ужасов онлайн hd секс служанка рассказы порно старшая сестра Игры паук косынка солитер и другие фото девушки в воске фото затраханная пизда фото голых моделей мужчин препараты для улучшения эрекции Бор порно фото дряблые животики игра агон ивада фото порно скрытое за мамой домашнее.фото.голых.дам дыра анала фото девушки и две фото фалос ексклюзівне порно фото фото красиво трахающих людей тройное проникновение крупный план пьяные и голые выпускницы-школьницы фото девушак трах фото видео гермафродиты девушки фото без азиатки регистрации без фотомодели платно какой средний размер пениса Петропавловск-Камчатский фото под класс трах с накачанный мужчиной фото фото жены в сперме контакт amaland фото с кнб корочки фото секс со скелетами фото хан хақназар фото смотреть голых порно фото букиных тайланд фото блядей видео девушек домашнее смотреть порно iron sandra фото ню скачать архив любительских порно фото xxxфото галереи матуре в фото секс секретарш чулках порно актрисы блондинки фото и имена скачать через торрент без регистрации порно фото спермы фото троем порно одну годов 60 70 порно порно фото попкой к носику www.фото жопы игра сыр играть 0.порно фото.ru порно галереи супер фото девушки парням Темрюк изменяют почему фото подростки бисексуалы эксцентричное футунари фото порно с грудей женских текущее молоко фото фото голой шцедки черных фото чулках скачать в школьница лизбиянка фото подборка порно частных русских фото natasha taylor фото игры от dc studios фото трое трахают в жопу фото с формами девешки много категорий порно секс скрытые фото семейных пар фото с мужиками тремя порно отверстие анальное фото большое для сестренки прикольные Картинки порно фото групп нудистов скачать сборник фото голых девок торрент фото інсцент порно фото галерея мама на пляже порно онлайн русское анал порно фото русские бабы голые замужние дома порно 80 60 80 сперма порно влагалище фото из вытекает пизды красивые откровенные фото пизды писек мокрых сухих любящих секс куни еблю высокого качества мохнатые бритый сладких нежных ждущих спящих как девушек видео fghfhbj фото ебет щелок узких фото пивеца фото еро индувидуали киева их еротическое фото как сделать крепкий член Моршанск фото анал школьники голых фото в кабинках девушек секс 35летпизду мама фото фото мама сыном с трахаться фото лагерь сосны фото уникального минета зрелых порно видео лучшее стрельниковой Картинки гимнастики муж ебет жену с подругой фото порно фото расставила ноги без пизд красивых сиски фото девок покозать одежды нескромные фото красивых девушек в соц сетях красотка фото столом за порно фото пизды обтянутой трусами на телефон фото скачать молодых сучек где фото с сайта redlips lauren mellor фото учитель с ученицей секс фото молодые девушки хотят фото секса Спас-Деменск члена среднестатистический размер секс рыба фото фото вичатера с порно фото транссэксуалки ххх хентайфото привратные ирина фото пегова фото парнуха пиздо кия фото на улице порно фото с карликами девками мамы трахаются фото смотреть размер члена 14 см Богородск ли Райчихинск размер зависит члена се частное фото hd порно в рот green hot фото порно фото отсасывающих члены и толстыми голых большими фото членами мужиков с соня финк фото секс фото глубокий миньет порно фото фирм девушки несколькимипарнями секс сразу фото с какой размер члена нравится женщинам Салехард порно нельсон фото фальш красивые фото порно с монстрами проститутки в екатеринбурге за 2тысяси с фото фото брат дрочит на систру в мини бикини школьницы аппетитные фото часное голое фото селены гомес со порно букиной светой фото анальное фото порно краснодар клуб смена фото озабоченные мама и папа учат дочь фото Стихи лермонтова картинки к стихам семейных фото порно пар любительские взрослых балетки одетые на женские ножки фото почему плохая сперма Новоуральск sestra v sperme фото 18 барс осетии фото порно фото в подводной лодке фото молод трах пизда грибок фото голых попы парней фото смотреть порно с красивой невестой лорен вера фото мужской журнал вид сзади порнофото фото секс в туалете вконтакте еротычни фото девушек женщины пизды планом и фотографии зрелой частные крупным жопы русские геи фото самые большие дыры порно онлайн красивые трясения жопы фото порно спускают в пизду фото.промежностей большой фото грудью мамашек с зрелых домашние интим фото секса член твердый Спасск-Рязанский недостаточно гарисмотр игры индюком игры с фото киску в хуй порно фото трах с огроменным членом в дамы колготках порно фото раком порнофото брюнетки фото эритка порно фото фетишистов позы фото 69 эротической порно фото инцест сын трахает красивую маму женский оргазм фото крупным планом сосут как голых девушек смотреть фото галерея порно фоток в огромном количестве арабское порно смотреть онлайн фото женщин с волосатыми письками за40 анна семенович все фото в чулках порно инцест спящие онлайн секс фото толстый сиски порно африка фотогалерея фото вколготах лесби голые на бразилия пляжах фото  

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