Are you hosting an event soon?

When you host an event the likelihood is that your on-site refrigeration is not going to be able to hold the volume of food and refreshment stock that is needed.

There’s a simple answer: Fridge hire.

Whether your event is for a day, week or months then please consider making life easier for yourself by investing in mobile refrigeration facilities from expert and legislation abiding service providers.

Fridge hire from excellent firms like Icecool Trailers in Newbury makes the process of booking and delivery as efficient as possible.

Providers appreciate that time is precious and top level service is not a perk, it’s inherent in their ethos.

Bookings should be made as far in advance as you can, especially during peak seasons e.g. Christmas or music festivals season so that there is a unit that fits requirements at once.

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Don’t miss out by procrastinating.

As you know, you can’t legally “get away with it” if it’s the middle of winter and you lay the food in the car park to keep it cool so thinking ahead can save stress and logistical woes.

If you happen to completely forget about fridge hire until the day of the event or even a couple of days before you should still be able to find a hire fridge trailer or cold room but maybe not in the dimensions that you hoped for at peak times.

You want a 1.8m unit but the demand is high for them and the 2.4m option so you hire a 3m unit. That doesn’t mean that you’ll pay a king’s ransom for the facilities.

It’s worth knowing that the mobile refrigeration market is hugely competitive which has made prices very attractive for clients.

It’s also better to have more space than you need. It’s amazing how full hire fridge trailers can become when people try to economise with an inadequately small unit for their needs.

Advice is always available from the professional fridge hire firms so don’t be afraid of asking questions, you won’t sound silly.

Cold rooms aren’t moveable on site after delivery and they are normally situated indoors so if you want to be able to move the unit or place it on the exterior of the premises, maybe adjacent to the kitchens or close to a particular room, then this is better served by a hire fridge trailer which has wheels.

The best firms will deliver the fridge hire unit, set it up and they’ll ensure its in full working order and ready for immediate use. This kind of service saves the client time and resources.

They will also collect the unit at the completion of the fridge hire period.

Clients often forget that if the event is one day long that they’ll need the fridge hire to cover preparation time and clearing up too.

Please don’t pile on the pressure for yourself by only having one day’s hire, there’s no need.

Hire fridge trailers for maximum peace of mind.

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