3 Steps to Getting Sober and Staying Sober: You Can Do This

The first step to stop using drugs and alcohol, and one of the most important, is deciding to stop using drugs and alcohol. Once that commitment is made you can start a healthy lifestyle that leaves the chains of addiction behind. It will be a challenging journey, but a rewarding one because when you no longer “need a fix” to get through the day you will regain your life, your self-esteem and confidence. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight so there are steps to take to beat addiction. You are worth it and Palm Beach rehab center has all the tools to get you on the road to recovery. Here are three steps to getting sober and then staying sober.

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  1. First Step to Recovery:  Detoxification:  There will be both physical and emotional reactions to your body when you stop using. The “withdraw” symptoms are typically both psychological and physical, and in some cases, be life threatening. The professional team at Palm Beach rehab will be there to assist you undergo medical detoxification in a safe and controlled environment. Medical detox will remove the chemical toxins in the body and minimize the damage that the abuse has done to the body. This journey will also pinpoint some of the reasons you started using in the first place and prepare an action plan, so you won’t repeat the same behaviors.
  2. Second Step to Recovery: Formal Drug Treatment: As stated in step one, medical detoxification and a drug treatment plan will be created for your rehab. Some patients will need intensive drug treatment in an inpatient addiction rehab center so there are no distractions, stress triggers and other temptations. Other patients may be able to be treated as an outpatient if they agree to regular meetings, learning coping mechanisms and keep in constant contact with professionals. The normal suggested rehab time is 90 days, but this time can be adjusted from patient to patient. Some things to consider are your drug use and medical history, response to treatment, and insurance coverage.
  3. Third Step To Recovery: After you complete the formal program, Palm Beach Rehab professionals will help you create an action plan for the transition from the facility back into real life. Programs are available to adjust to lifestyle changes, learn coping strategies and finding empowerment in your new drug free world. Relapse is a possibility, so counselors will be assigned to you for support. In some cases, housing facilities will be available, so you can begin your new sober lifestyle around others who are drug and alcohol free and dealing with similar temptations as you.

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